Rounded rectangular shape was the first image that came up in my mind when I was thinking about designing a small bench for public spaces. Rectangular shape holds a very logical and geometric feeling while it misses coziness of the round shapes so I intuitively felt for something in between.
Since a degree of tension and comfort in the air of public spaces is quite an important factor to imply when designing, the overall roundedness of the seat helped me to define its presence.
The name “Loaf” comes directly from loafs of bread as the friendliness of the product resonated with the one of the freshly baked loafs somehow.
“Loaf” has a family of single, two seater, three seater which replicate the shape for its single seater.
They can be arranged in the space as orderly or as randomly as people like. Having small handles on the sides suggests its casual character.


  • loaf1
  • loaf2
  • loaf3
  • loaf4